Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Columbus Antique Mall

On Sunday, I took a day trip to the Columbus Antique Mall in Columbus, NJ.  There is also a farmers market and outdoor flea market on the same road.  You will want to look for Gate 1 to park for the Antique Mall.  There are three large buildings and building 1 and 3 are filled with antiques, collectibles and fun vintage finds!

I discovered that if you are looking for deals on certain items to resell, this is not the place for you.  However, if you love to browse or if you are looking for something unique or antique items, then this is the place for you!  The Mall is set up with individual booths that are very clean and each had cute displays. The staff was friendly and very helpful.  I found the experience relaxing and enjoyable.  I purchased a few items and the staff took great care in wrapping each item and offered to help me to my car.

Based on my very positive experience, The Columbus Antique Mall is definitely a place that I will revisit in the near future to see what other treasures I will find.

 Columbus Antique Mall Website

Open: Wednesday - Sunday 9 am - 5 pm

My shopping look of the day 

Pictured below are a few treasures I loved but sadly had to leave behind.

 Hat Stand $42
 antique metal handbag $125
 Antique metal bib necklaces
 Screen room divider $250
Authentic Gucci briefcase $350
Vintage mirrored tray $16
Vintage butterfly necklace was only $6

I was able to find a few treasures to add to my collection.

I have been collecting white and blue china and was able to find the matching plates and bowls so now I have 16 table settings.

One booth had old post cards from the early 1900's I found a floral print that says "Best Wishes" and the post dated for 1911. I am unable to read the content that was written on the back but I am going to find a nice frame and hang it in my office. 

I fell in love with this antique feathered hat and belt set. The vendor also allowed me to buy the hat stand which made me very happy. I was so excited about the hat I tried it on in the store just wish we still lived in a time where it was acceptable to wear hats because I would definitely be rocking this hat. Maybe one day ;)

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